She is a Designer and Professor at the Department of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Uni. Lisbon. She is the Coordinator of the Schenography graduation Program at the same Faculty. She is also the coordinator of the Master ” Museums, Heritage and Knowledge Society” in Association with IP Tomar. She has lectured at the Design Master Programs the courses of DesignTheory, Design Critics and Design Management until 2007 and from that moment on Design processes management, Sustainable Design and Design research. She also teaches courses of Design Processes, Design Intelligence and Design solution’s Management at the Post-Graduation Program Strategic Design and Innovation from ISEG/FA. She finished her PhD hosted by the same University (supervised by Henri Christiaans – TU Delft; Fernando Moreira da Silva – FA, Uni. Lisbon and José Pinto Duarte – MIT / FA, Uni. Lisbon). The Thesis title was “Decision making in the Conceptual Phase of Design Process: a descriptive study contributing for the strategic adequacy and overall quality of design outcomes”. The research was funded by FCT (Foundation of Science and Technology). Her research focus are the one of Design processes (supported in the design cognition) and the strategic role of Design in Business. Rita Almendra has a Master on Design Management (supervised by Charles Waldman, INSEAD) and an MBA with marketing specialization from FCEE- Portuguese Catholic University.